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Heal. Empower. Unfold.

I help women entrepreneurs & changemakers reduce stress, get unstuck and make life easier so that they're empowered to do the best work of their lives!

Hi! My name is Heidi and I used to be a burned out business owner.

Not too long ago, I thought that I had to sacrifice myself, my health, my fun and my free time for my web development business. I thought it was acceptable to be overwhelmed, exhausted, overweight and take no vacations for YEARS.

I thought I had to hide who I really am from my clients so that I could be seen as a competent business woman...!?!

Thank goodness I was wrong. But it took severe burnout and a mid-30's life crisis to figure it out.

After years of deep, soul searching work, I got out of it and I'm thrilled to be who I am today - a holistic life coach that works with clients who are going through the same things I went through.

My clients have accomplished great things through our work together. They have:

  • changed their business focus
  • identified long term goals & how to reach them
  • overcome paralysis
  • taken control of their time
  • healed their relationship with food
  • significantly reduced stress

My mission now is to help create a model of a more holistic, sustainable way of being entrepreneurs. We need to change our expectations of who we can be in our businesses and the role of business in creating a future for ourselves, and for our planet, that is of the highest good for all.

And it starts with you.

Do you ever...

  • Wake up in in the morning and be instantly flooded by anxious thoughts?
  • Feel stuck in the same place, with the same problems, and feel like it will never change?
  • Deal with constant stress and overwhelm?
  • Dream of throwing in the towel on your business and working at a coffee shop? (this was my go-to daydream!)
  • Feel like you're not living up to your potential?

Imagine instead...

  • You wake up (without an alarm clock!), stretch, and jump out of bed feeling excited to start your day.
  • You finish work feeling relaxed, calm and with energy to spare - despite the stress and chaos of the day.
  • You finally make some big decisions and feel like your life is on track again.
  • You believe in your ability to be consistent and deal with problems with confidence and integrity.

Coaching can take you from where you're at to where you want to be. It helps you stop spinning in circles so that you can move forward and step into the person you know you can be.

When you're ready to create these results for yourself, please connect with me. My job is to help people transform and I'm here to help you!


Ben Heller"Heidi was a huge help towards finding my long term goals and making some key decisions on how to move towards those goals. I had reached a difficult decision where I felt paralyzed. We identified some values and markers that gave me great confidence moving forward and making changes."

~ Ben H.

Layla Fry"Heidi has guided me into a whole new mind-body-Spirit relationship. I am meditating, working smarter, having better (and more!) sex, and actually enjoying the process of preparing meals as a mindful act for the first time in my life. My marriage and kids are really benefiting from this new "me" too!"

~ Layla

Meredith Noble"I stopped standing up chewing my last few bites of food after working with Heidi! I now sit down and each meal and enjoy every bite. This - among other minor but significant habit changes - has had a super positive impact on my health and wellness. Thank you Heidi!"

~ Meredith Noble,

Shep D"My general health and energy levels have visually improved to the point that I regularly receive positive comment from loved ones and acquaintances. The cost doesn’t come close to my renewed sense of healthy, joy and optimism. It’s invaluable! Simple changes, big impact."

~ Shep D.

"In my experience, Heidi's services fill a need not otherwise met by conventional health and wellness providers. Her coaching focused on deep wellbeing and vibrancy in life as it touches emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and connectedness. A year later, I still regularly practice some of the lifestyle techniques she helped me put into place to slow down, increase my gratitude, and improve my digestive and skin health. I recommend working with her to improve your overall wellbeing and groundedness. "

~ W.A.

Make peace with self-doubt

A free workbook for self-transformation

Self-doubt is a normal part of being human but sometimes it can take over your life, making you feel disempowered and stuck.

But it IS possible to change.

This free workbook will teach you a step-by-step process to make peace with self-doubt so that you can show up with courage in your work, relationships and life.

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Download making peace with self doubt workbook here.


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