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Create confidence, calm & a life you love

Welcome, lovely. I’m so glad you’re here.

Learning to create more confidence and calm can transform your life. 

Whatever pain you’re experiencing now, whether you feel stuck in a job, on the rocks with your marriage, on the precipice of a major life change or in existential agony that you’re not living your potential, having more confidence and calm will transform it.

It sounds too simple to be true, I know.

Your current problem is just a symptom. And I’m willing to bet that you’ve experienced similar problems before. That’s because the real problem isn’t your situation - it’s how you’re showing up in the world and what you create when you show up that way. 

When you:

  • question yourself (aka beat yourself up)
  • overwork
  • sacrifice yourself for others
  • worry about what other people think 
  • feel like you don’t deserve more than you have (money, recognition, happiness)
  • hold yourself back because it feels too hard to do something different


You create a life that is built upon you behaving that way.  

All humans can experience this but, as an introvert, you can tend to be highly self-critical, which erodes your sense of self-trust. When you don’t trust yourself, it becomes so much harder to respect your boundaries, care for your own emotional needs and go after your dreams.

Confidence is the foundation of a brave and beautiful life.

It helps you to show up as your true self, speak your mind, take healthy risks and support yourself through the tough times.

Confidence is something that you can learn to create for yourself, independent of outside success or what seems possible.

When you feel confident and believe in your abilities, this creates a sense of calm in your work, life and relationships - no matter what is happening.

This is empowerment. 

Empowerment gives you the energy and vision to go after the big goals. It's what drives you to show up as your most amazing self. It's what creates impact, not just in your own life, but in the lives of everyone you serve.

When self-doubt is the norm

When you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, self-doubt and uncertainty, it can feel really hard to access self-confidence.

This is because when your nervous system is in fear mode, it shuts down your higher thinking. It becomes hyper-aware of any problems (real or imagined) and you lose your connection to confidence and wisdom.

Your beautiful human brain then tries to make sense out of it all by creating stories like:

  • I don’t have anything to say
  • I don’t belong
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I don’t have enough {fill in the blank}
  • I’m not enough  


As an introvert who spends a lot of time in their own company, these stories can begin to feel like THE truth…

The good news is that they aren't! And that you can learn to become a confident, calm & courageous human being who loves their life.

Coaching is a powerful process to change how you think, how you feel and the actions that you take in your life.

Mind, body & heart transformation

In my coaching, we get laser focused on your “problem” area (work, relationships, life transition) and what’s holding you back. We use this experience for you to learn to access your own answers and deep inner confidence. You’ll clarify your goals and the steps to get there…. And who you need to become along the way.

You learn to stop letting self-doubt and anxiety be in charge of your life.

This process can sometimes feel really uncomfortable. It can also bring up a lot of emotions.


While the mind is an incredibly powerful tool for creating change, we store our emotions and experiences in our nervous systems, which often need more than conversation to heal. So many of us have experienced trauma, and just living in our world today can feel traumatizing. I take this into account in the coaching process and have done training in trauma informed spaceholding and trauma informed yoga so that I can support you in your healing process*.

I also believe that our daily actions create the conditions for emotional health. Creating empowering daily rhythms will help you to cultivate calm and connection with yourself - and to use your time more productively. We also incorporate Ayurvedic practices for well-being that feel like home to you.


* Note: While I do hold space for trauma, specifically treating it isn’t in my scope of practice. You will get the most out of coaching if you are at a stable place and are ready to move forward. Many of my clients also have therapists during our time together.

Do you ever...

  • Wake up in in the morning and be instantly flooded by anxious thoughts?
  • Feel stuck in the same place, with the same problems, and feel like it will never change?
  • Deal with constant stress and overwhelm?
  • Dream of throwing in the towel on your job or business and working at a coffee shop on the beach? (this was my go-to daydream)
  • Feel like you're not living up to your potential?

Imagine instead...

  • You wake up, stretch, and jump out of bed feeling excited to start your day.
  • You finish your day feeling relaxed, calm and with energy to spare.
  • You feel more resilient to stress and chaos
  • You feel confident sharing your ideas - even with strangers.
  • You finally make some big decisions and feel like your life is on track again.
  • You're doing the things you've always dreamed of doing.

Expand your confidence in 3 simple steps

A free 3 day empowerment training for introverted women

This intensive training will teach you 3 simple steps to feel more confident in your work and life.

It’s for introverted women who want to break free from self-doubt and create a life they love.

Each day of the training, I guide you through a process that changes how you see yourself, how you feel and how you show up in your work, life and relationships.


Expand your confidence in 3 simple steps graphic
Heidi Jandel Weiland, Holistic Life Coach

Hi, I'm Heidi.

I'm a certified life coach, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, yoga teacher, lover of wilderness - and an introvert.

I have the amazing job of helping women to finally overcome problems in their lives so that they can feel more freedom and peace. I love seeing my clients rediscover their self-confidence and get excited about life again. To learn more about me, click below.


Elissa"Heidi is simply amazing! I am blown away how she helped me unlock an obstacle I had stuck in my mind for 14 years. By the second session I was truly a changed person. She gave me so much clarity and insight on how to move forward with my business and with my life in general. She truly listens and gently provides meaningful feedback. I highly recommend working with her. Give yourself the opportunity to be the best you can be – she can help you do that! "

~ Elisa B.

"When I reached out to Heidi I felt stuck, unhealthy and miserable. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Heidi offered simple steps that helped me slow down and honor myself. By our last session things felt as different as night and day from where I began. I still have to work to keep healthy practices in my life but now I have the tools to take care of myself. "

~ Karen Z.

Ben Heller"Heidi was a huge help towards finding my long term goals and making some key decisions on how to move towards those goals. I had reached a difficult decision where I felt paralyzed. We identified some values and markers that gave me great confidence moving forward and making changes."

~ Ben H.

Layla Fry"Heidi has guided me into a whole new mind-body-Spirit relationship. I am meditating, working smarter, having better (and more!) sex, and actually enjoying the process of preparing meals as a mindful act for the first time in my life. My marriage and kids are really benefiting from this new "me" too!"

~ Layla

Meredith Noble"I stopped standing up chewing my last few bites of food after working with Heidi! I now sit down and each meal and enjoy every bite. This - among other minor but significant habit changes - has had a super positive impact on my health and wellness. Thank you Heidi!"

~ Meredith Noble, learngrantwriting.org

Shep D"My general health and energy levels have visually improved to the point that I regularly receive positive comment from loved ones and acquaintances. The cost doesn’t come close to my renewed sense of healthy, joy and optimism. It’s invaluable! Simple changes, big impact."

~ Shep D.

"In my experience, Heidi's services fill a need not otherwise met by conventional health and wellness providers. Her coaching focused on deep wellbeing and vibrancy in life as it touches emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing and connectedness. A year later, I still regularly practice some of the lifestyle techniques she helped me put into place to slow down, increase my gratitude, and improve my digestive and skin health. I recommend working with her to improve your overall wellbeing and groundedness. "

~ W.A.

Education & Training

Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School, Ayurveda Health Counselor from Spirit Path Yoga & Ayurveda Education, Insight Yoga Teacher
Graduate degree in Multi-media & Graphic design from SENAC São Paulo, Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art from Rice University.

I have studied Trauma Informed Yoga with Sarahjoy Marsh, Tapping with Margaret Lynch Raniere, Trauma Informed Space Holding with Katie Kurtz and many yoga and Ayurvedic classes on mind-body wellness.

I've been an entrepreneur since 2004, which is worth 10 graduate degrees!

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