Heal. Evolve. Transcend.

I help motivated women reduce stress, feel great in their bodies and get unstuck so that they can live an abundantly joyful life.

Hi! My name is Heidi and I'm a holistic life coach.

I use the teachings of Ayurveda & yoga, contemporary research on habit transformation, life coaching and the experience from my own journey from an out-of-balance business owner to a MUCH happier & healthier human being as the basis of my process.

Trained as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and RYT yoga teacher, I've traveled the path from overwhelm, anxiety and being overweight to a life of balance and joy. I love helping women tap into their own capacity for healing body, mind & spirit, to reveal the inner joy that makes life worth living.

You can find out how to work with me here.

Many blessings,


Do you ever...

  • Wake up in in the morning and be instantly flooded by anxious thoughts?
  • Feel too tired to get through the workday without stopping by the snack station for a coffee and a treat?
  • Want be a better person for the people you love but don't know how to change?
  • Start a self-help program but two weeks into it get overwhelmed with life and never get back to it? Again, and again, and again?

Imagine instead...

  • You wake up (without an alarm clock!), stretch, and jumpl out of bed feeling excited to start your day.
  • You suddenly realize that you've forgotten about your digestive issues that you've had for years because they've gone away.
  • You finish work feeling relaxed, calm and with energy to spare - despite the stress and chaos of the day.
  • You lay down in your bed after a busy day and instantly falling into a deep, nourishing sleep.