About Heidi

Hi, I'm Heidi.

Self-doubt has been my greatest teacher.

My quest to stop being held back by self-doubt has led me on a journey from being burned out and lost to feeling empowered and excited for each day.

Not too long ago, I thought that I had to sacrifice my health, my creativity and my relationships so that I could be "good enough" as an owner of a web development company.

As an introverted woman, I thought that I had to do my work perfectly and constantly make my other people happy, even if it meant hiding who I really am. I ended up creating a life full of anxiety and a business built on perfectionism, people pleasing and self-doubt.

I stayed stuck in this place for YEARS.

Now, it’s my mission in life to help other women avoid losing years of their lives to anxiety and self-doubt.

Heidi Jandel Weiland

Yoga, Ayurveda and coaching provided me with the guidance I needed to change my life and they quickly turned into my profession. Now, I combine all three into a unique, mind-body-heart approach to coaching.

Self-confidence isn’t just about getting yourself to do something hard.

It’s about having a connection to yourself that gives you power on your good days and support on your bad days.

It’s about learning how to have your back so that you can deal with arrogant coworkers, cranky kids and pandemics without spiraling off into emotional drama.

Self-confidence is about knowing how to access strength, joy and peace - at any time.


Self-confidence is a skill that you can learn.

My clients have used the skill of self-confidence to accomplish great things in their lives. They've:

  • changed their career
  • decided they're ready for a partner
  • decided to go after a big goal they've been avoiding all their life
  • overcome paralysis
  • taken control of their time and their family schedule
  • healed their relationship with food
  • stepped into being their authentic self and speaking their truth
  • navigated traumatic life changes

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