About Heidi

I was blessed to grow up in a family that prioritized healthy eating, fitness and abundant time in the Alaskan wilderness. I’ve practiced yoga and been a vegetarian since my teens so when I found myself in my mid-30s overweight, anxious, with chronic pain and completely stuck in my business, I felt lost. I’d done it all right, hadn’t I?

The truth was I was totally out of balance. My mind was in constant panic mode with my body not far behind. And my spirit was like a beautiful flower that had wilted because I’d been neglecting to water it.

I began investing in whatever brought me relief from my pain - acupuncture, shiatsu, art classes, music classes, yoga teacher training. Then I discovered Ayurveda and life coaching.

And that’s when I started to make big shifts towards becoming the person I want to be. I changed lots of small things day to day that compounded over time resulting in weight loss, much less anxiety, being able to sleep through the night, changing businesses, a more fun relationship with my husband and more joy in life.

Delighted by my own healing, I decided to go deeper and become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. My studies include healing the mind and digestion (the roots of health) aromatherapy, Ayurvedic nutrition, herbs, insight yoga and reiki. I later went on to study life coaching at the renowned Life Coach School.

I've learned AMAZING tools that transform people's lives and I LOVE to use them to help people live joyful lives and be a positive impact in the world.

My ultimate goal is to help create a culture where business is an extension of the best part of ourselves and is carried out in harmony with our bodies, minds, spirits and planet.

Master Coach Heidi Jandel Weiland

I believe you have the power to heal & evolve beyond your wildest dreams

You bring the mess. I provide the tools & support.
And together, we work to heal and transform your life.