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Preparing therapeutic herbs

Pitta Mind Infusion

March 30, 2017

Last weekend at my Ayurveda training I learned how to blend all manner of herbal therapeutic concoctions. One of the prettier ones is this Pitta Mind Infusion (promotes calming and soothes intensity, anger, resentment). Herbs include skullcap, lavender, chamomile, St.…

Mindful Flow Class: Letting your body make decisions instead of your brain

August 31, 2016

My class framework for Mindful Movement Flow on Saturday, Sept 3 at Spirit Path. Class Theme Practice listening to the body and letting it guide your decision making. Why this theme? Our body constantly communicates information to us. Physical sensations like…

I taught my first yoga class yesterday!

May 11, 2016

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity at the King Career College to guide 6 teenagers, one teacher and one gigantic dog through a rough draft of my final sequence for teacher training. There were floppy hands, feet in socks, a security lockdown drill…

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