Tools for your Ayurveda Toolbox

Tools for your wellness toolbox

Useful resources for understanding Ayurveda so that you can apply them to your own health journey.

Ayurveda Basics

Determine your dosha

Kapha Tips (pdf)

Daily Habits (Dinacharya)

Creating rituals

Optimize your daily schedule

Chants, Songs & Affirmations

Ho’oponopono: a beautiful Hawaiian song to open your heart and heal conflict

Ho’oponopono: a spoken version, good for meditation

Devi Prayer

My Presentations

Introduction to Ayurveda, 3/24/18 (UAA)

Feeling Better with Ayurveda, 1/29/18


Banyan Botanicals: Information on Ayurveda and the doshas. Online store.

Chopra Center: Ayurveda, yoga and meditation information. Courses and online store.