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Get clarity on where you're at, where you want to be, what's keeping you from getting there and - most importantly - what you need to do in order to finally get the results you want in your life.

Because if you knew how to get the results you want, you'd have them already.

We'll hold this 50 minute discussion over the phone where you'll have the opportunity to share, ask questions about coaching and learn how my approach can help you move forward.


Investment: $0

Private Coaching

Uncovering your most vibrant self can be hard to do when you're overwhelmed with work, constantly chasing kids around or so stuck you don't have the energy to think about much more than what you're going to watch on Netflix tonight.

Working 1-on-1 with a coach provides you with support and space to honestly examine yourself and what's brought you to your current status quo. As your coach, I provide a neutral and compassionate perspective on your blocks, as well as many tools to help you embrace and heal them.

My goal is to not only propel you in the direction of who you want to become but to also provide you with foundational information and skills that will continue to serve your body, mind and spirit for the rest of your life.

How it works

Over 10 sessions, I gently walk you through how to optimize food choices, eating habits, morning & evening routines, troubleshoot entrenched negative thought patterns, connect to your own capacity to love self and others, deepen spiritual connection and clear out what no longer serves you.

I use many practical concepts from Ayurveda, so you'll also learn the basics of this framework and how to use it to make choices that bring greater balance to yourself and your family.


You will work on:

Building a Foundation

We begin by thoroughly understanding where you're at and setting the foundation for self-transformation.

  • Deep dive into your vision for who you want to be
  • Identify core imbalances & what's driving them
  • Learn core Ayurvedic concepts & practices (like the doshas!)
  • Learn the process of habit transformation
  • Explore herbs and sensory therapies to support your goals


Get out of overwhelm & exhaustion, feel calm again and break through old thoughts so that you can move forward.

  • Increase emotional awareness so you can be more present in your day
  • Uncover out-of-date stories that unconsciously motivate old behavior patterns
  • Cultivate how you want to FEEL
  • Incorporate chunks mindfulness into your day


Connect and care for your precious body so that you can feel good in your body again.

  • Learn how to choose exercise that will balance your body AND mind instead of leading you further out of balance
  • Develop a nourishing home yoga/mindful movement practice
  • Get in touch with the 5 senses and use them for healing
  • Move through blocks to weight loss


You need life force (ojas) in order to stay well and have energy to do the things you love.

  • Optimize sleep so that you wake up feeling energized
  • Build¬† your natural energy reserves and immune resilience (ojas) through self-care practices
  • Rest and rejuvinate

Food & Eating

Every body is different & how you eat is just as important as what you eat.

  • Tap into the sacredness of eating - within your own busy schedule
  • Learn how to choose foods that balance your dosha & leave you feeling light and energized
  • Optimize your eating schedule so that your digestion can be at its best


Clear out what no longer serves you so that you can step into the next evolution of who you are.

  • Do a gentle cleanse to clear out junk from the mind and body and reset digestion
  • Examine and update your relationships
  • Clear out clutter in your digital and physical environment
  • Revisit your goals and set the stage for the future

The package includes:

  • Ten 50 minute sessions using Zoom video conferencing (about 2 per month)
  • Regular check-ins via email
  • Lots of handouts and practices
  • Custom herb recommendations (as appropriate)
  • Custom sensory therapy recommendations (aromatherapy, flower essences, mantra and more)
  • Unlimited email access to Heidi

Investment: $275/month for 6 months or one time payment of $1500.