Portrait drawings

March 19, 2018

I finally got fed up with not having enough art in my life and, with some gentle prodding from caring souls around me, I’ve started drawing again. 🙂 I have a couple of fantastic books that I use for portrait…

Prepped for Spectrum

July 14, 2016

Heading out tomorrow to our 3rd Spectrum festival where we’ll be doing CAWs (community art walls). Gotta get things ready to paint first, though!

1st spray painting of 2015

Making faces outside

May 21, 2015

The nights are long and the sun is shining… ’tis the season to be outside paintin’ stuff. Now that I’ve invested in a nice collection of drool-inducing spray paint colors, it’s time for some fun. And lots of trial and…

Stunning Brazilian Street Art

January 8, 2015

Brazil is beeeeautiful… but Brazilian cities are sometimes not so beautiful. Often overflowing with people, buildings and cars, packed so tight that the dirty concrete walls turn the streets turn into roasting hot pizza ovens, the urban environment has become…

Navajo-esque Mandala

April 23, 2014

This mandala has a totally unintended Navajo look to it!