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May 2, 2016 keymaster

Making color wheels: fun and oh so practical! Color wheels and swatches (that use colors that I have in my possession) save me a huge amount of time in choosing color combinations for artwork. And they’re pretty.  

August 17, 2015 keymaster No comments exist

It’s a rainy Monday morning and this gray day is clearly begging for a splash of color. Hence a deep, royal purple goes down onto the paper. But what else? A bunch of bright summer colors somehow feels a bit too gaudy on a day like this so how about some fall tones? Yeah, that’s…

May 21, 2015 keymaster No comments exist

The nights are long and the sun is shining… ’tis the season to be outside paintin’ stuff. Now that I’ve invested in a nice collection of drool-inducing spray paint colors, it’s time for some fun. And lots of trial and error.  

January 8, 2015 keymaster No comments exist

Brazil is beeeeautiful… but Brazilian cities are sometimes not so beautiful. Often overflowing with people, buildings and cars, packed so tight that the dirty concrete walls turn the streets turn into roasting hot pizza ovens, the urban environment has become an alchemists wonderland, providing all the raw materials necessary for creating pure gold.  Amazing works…

November 16, 2014 keymaster No comments exist

I’d like to master the rainbow, wield all of its beautiful colors at my fingertips like hypnotic laser lights going off at 3am in a bumpin’ night club. Such grandiose dreams must start somewhere, and I have started with circles, markers and vector drawings. The colors come from my PrismaColor marker collection, photo’d and eyedroppered….

November 5, 2014 keymaster No comments exist

I’ve been obsessed with aqua lately, most likely because it’s been one of the “in” colors of 2014, which probably means that it’s already well on it’s way to becoming a tacky passé color. So, I figure I gotta enjoy it while it’s good.  

October 23, 2014 keymaster No comments exist

AN EYE FOR COLOR 6 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays, Nov. 3-24 I’m excited to be teaching a four week class on creating color schemes at the Anchorage Museum. The class will focus on how to utilize color concepts, color theory, art history references and real-life observations to develop a sense of color and how it…