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Low energy? Your ojas needs love!

Ojas (pronounced oh-jahs) is the Ayurvedic concept for the energy we have to live our lives. You know you have plenty of ojas if you wake up easily, can happily make it through the day and don’t feel exhausted at bedtime. In general, you feel vibrantly alive. On the other hand, if you have low…

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Workshop: Evolve yourself with Ayurveda

Thursdays, May 10, 17, & 24, 7:30-8:30pm This is a 3 class series for beginners that explores core concepts of Ayurveda and provides practices to apply to your own life. Class 1 May 10th: The Doshas: Learn how the patterns of nature (the doshas) apply to you and how to balance them. Class 2 May…

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Kapha season tips

It's Kapha season!

Kapha season (the Ayurvedic term for spring) awakens us from our restful winter mode, bringing more light and energy into our lives. Embodying youth, growth and beginnings, it’s a great time of year to let go of what no longer serves you and to start something new. Many of us also experience the unwanted effects…

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New class: Welcome the Weekend

Welcome the weekend yoga class

Join me in this new class to help you let go of your work week and transition into a state of ease and playfulness with this weekly ritual. Gentle yoga and Ayurvedic principles provide the foundation of the class. Additional tools provide an opportunity for you to explore, be creative and deepen into your true…

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Ayurveda: daily rituals for greater peace

Creating Rituals

Ayurveda is big on daily rituals for healing and self care. Repeating an action gently for an extended period of time allows that action to grow roots and bear desirable fruits. It’s through the slow, steady progress of ritual that we are able to consciously transform ourselves. Ritual is more than just another word for…

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Ayurvedic Cooking: Food as Medicine

Ayurvedic Cooking

Do you enjoy meal planning? Would you like to learn more about how to optimize your health (& your family’s) through nutrition? Ayurveda gives us lots of great tools to understand nutrition and make choices that support your unique makeup (dosha). Food provides the building materials for our bodies and also has medicinal qualities that,…

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Optimize your daily schedule the Ayurveda way

Ayurveda Daily Schedule

I have to admit, I used to be a skeptic about the Ayurveda daily schedule. I love(d) staying up late to enjoy the night life and the stillness of the wee hours. Being self-employed, I have a lot of flexibility and can wake up when I choose to. So, when I first started receiving the…

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Ayurveda Basics: Determining Your Dosha(s)

What's your dosha?

Ayurvedic principles provide a new (or, rather, very old) perspective on treating disease and finding greater well being. This ancient system understands the world consists of patterns and, as you are part of the world, you also experience the same patterns, called doshas (pronounced dough-sha). By determining your dosha, we can make food, lifestyle and…

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Printouts from Ayurveda talk on 1/29/18

Ayurveda Resources from presentation at Spirit Path on 1/29/2018

Thank you so much to everyone who came out my presentation Feel Better with Ayurveda! I was blown away by the number of people, the great questions and the enthusiasm to learn about this healing tradition. It’s exciting to see so much interest in the community for learning about Ayurveda! Here are download links for…

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