Creative Energy v. Rational Mode

November is in full swing, hot summer days interrupting our pleasant spring weather and the last weeks of 2010 slipping through my fingers like well oiled spaghetti. My work-art-lifestuff balance having been thrown off by a natural confluence of events, I now find myself mindlessly trying to squash my expansive creative endeavors into very narrow time slots. After observing my behavior over the last few days, I’ve come to realize that this process is more complex than simply following a “insert creative activity here” sign.

I spend most of my day doing either routine tasks, filtering information or managing web projects. My output during these moments includes things like emails, lunch, documents, a clean bathroom, chats, groceries, web programming, web pages, future plans, etc, etc. Without conscious control this list could easily be a list of the ONLY things that I produce.

Time for creative activities is rarely given. I almost always have to “create” it. So, once I “create” the time for art and music, it should be just a matter of doing it, right?


Sigh. No, it’s not always that easy. After successive days of no creative activity, my brain gets stuck in rational mode. It becomes my default. With so much practice at doing logical tasks, it’s no wonder that this happens. Making art becomes harder, playing music seems like a chore, the creative inertia weighs me down like a heavy wet feather duvet. Not a nice bed to sleep in.

So, do I give in to this default and enjoy an easy rational task or do I slodge against the current and tell myself “just 30 minutes. If you don’t like it, you can stop”?

Like I said, 2010 is nearing it’s life expectancy. What do I want to remember it by?