Full Moon Yoga Retreat

Aug 20-22, Hope, Alaska

Yoga, meditation & dancing under the full moon in beautiful Hope, Alaska

Have you been craving some time to dedicate to your self-care and sense of inspiration?

Join us (Kira Rafuse and Heidi Jandel Weiland) for a weekend of connection and deep replenishment of body, mind and spirit. It's been a busy summer and we want to help you integrate all that's happened so that you'll have energy and groundedness for the Fall season.

We'll focus on experiencing the chakras and the 5 elements through the practices of yoga, prāṇāyāma, meditation, chanting, guided journaling, tapping and ecstatic dance. Informed by Āyurveda, you'll experience a supportive rhythm of classes throughout the weekend that honor the energy of the full moon and the season.

This retreat is designed to be an embodied experience that will meet you wherever you're at in your practice - or in your stress levels.

Our group will be small, with just 12 participants.

We aim to create a calm space where you can relax deeply and drop within while we're together in Hope and, also, to help build your resources so that you can take them with you into your life.

Rustic accommodations available (see below). Meals not included.


Friday, August 20

Evening (7pm)
Yoga & meditation class

Bedtime tea time


Saturday, August 21

Opening circle
Full Spectrum Yoga class*
Chakra class - bringing the chakras into daily living
Guided journaling & tapping for healing

Walking nature meditation
Ganesha and Goddess talk and chanting
Journaling (Fire Ceremony prep)

Potluck dinner

Full Moon Outdoor Fire Ceremony
Ecstatic dance**

Fireside tea & chat

Sunday, August 22

Quiet self-led practice/sleeping in
Chanting & fire ceremony (inside)
Guided journaling and tapping

Wrap up by noon


If you prefer to take a meal in quiet or spend your morning immersed in nature instead of in the classroom, that's awesome! Feel free to join as many classes as feels supportive. This weekend is all about you.

* Full Spectrum Yoga is the traditional, complete practice of yoga which includes asana (movement), pranayama (breath work) & meditation.

** Ecstatic Dance is a creative, inclusive, sober dance practice where you're invited to move your body however you like. It's a great way to get out of your monkey mind and experience yourself through movement. DJ Muse (Heidi) will be spinning a mix of tribal, yoga & electronic music. She's been playing in clubs and events for over 20 years.


The Hope Retreat Center is located in downtown Hope Alaska, a short walk to the water.  It is a 2 hour drive from Anchorage, AK.  The center is equipped with a full kitchen including dishes, and a large refrigerator.  It has a dining table and a small living room area as well as a lovely deck.  There is a fire ring outside as well.  The upstairs of the Hope Retreat Center has 5 single size beds.  Sheets are provided but please bring any other bedding needed if you have reserved a spot to stay at the center.  There is one bathroom with a shower.  Please bring a towel and toiletries as needed.

Directions: Take the Hope highway in 16 miles.  After you pass the road called Middle Creek Circle take a right (Old Hope Road).  You will pass the Post Office on your right and just as the road bends you will see the Hope Retreat Center.  We do get cell service and will be available for directions if needed.

Hope Retreat Center

Accommodation Options

For an additional charge of $50 you can reserve a spot in the Hope Retreat Center to stay upstairs.  Please keep in mind these are basic accommodations.  The beds are cozy and there are lovely windows upstairs.  Only 5 spots are available for this option.  

For an additional $30 you can stay on the floor of the main Sanctuary room.  All items will need to be stored upstairs during our teaching hours.  Please keep in mind Saturday evening will be an optional ecstatic dance in the main Sanctuary room possibly until 10pm. 3 spots available for this option.

Futon pull-out couch available for one or two people who want to share this bed for an additional $30 each.  This bed will need to be put away during active teaching hours of the retreat and personal items stored out of the way.  This futon is located downstairs in the living room area of the center.  1 or 2 spots available.

RV’s, Campers and Tents welcome at no extra charge.  Please be mindful of the cooking space and bathroom for those paying to stay in the house.  It is for everyone to use but if you are camping please consider bringing a camp stove if needed as well.

Hope has many cute summer cabins available for rent, as well.



This weekend’s retreat is offered on a sliding scale model.  When choosing your payment level, we are inviting you to participate in a model of goodwill.

We recognize each individual has unique circumstances.  We welcome you to choose based on your financial capacity.  We know this is a time of struggle for many.

For those of you who are more fortunate, we appreciate your consideration of a higher investment in the weekend's retreat.  The same experience and offerings will be offered to all no matter what level you choose to pay as a way of offering equity and inclusion for all.

We ask you to reflect on your capacity and the value of your experience with us.

Fire: $250

Water: $215

Earth: $185


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Our Bios

Coach Heidi Jandel Weiland

Heidi Jandel Weiland

RYT 200, AHC, Certified Life Coach

I'm a holistic life coach and I help women get unstuck so they can feel confident and excited about their life again.

I use a mind-body-spirit approach that gets to the root of stuckness. My clients learn how to overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety and how to create empowerment for themselves.

I'm a certified life coach from The Life Coach School, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and a yoga teacher. I love backcountry skiing in the mountains of Alaska (my home) and dabbling in creative activities of all kinds.


Kira Rafuse

Kira Rafuse


I've been studying, practicing and teaching Yoga since certifying as a teacher at the Kutir Ashram in the Himalayas in 2004. I now teach online virtual group Yoga classes and Sanskrit chanting classes weekly, as well as specialty workshops on Pranayama and Sanskrit.  I also design yoga classes for companies and individuals, which I tailor to your needs.

I have studied and practiced Sanskrit for many years and bring it in as a special focus to my classes. I believe in community, service, connection, and embodiment as a way of working though the many aspects of a Yoga practice.  I love applying the principles of Ayurveda and Sanskrit chanting to my teachings, as well.

Learn more about Kira on her website: www.yogawithkira.com.

Honoring Yoga's Roots

We practice and teach Yoga from a traditional background that honors Yoga’s Roots in India.  The teachings we share come from lineage that goes back for generations and originates in India in the Indus Valley.  For thousands of years Yoga was a reflection of practices that included Meditation, Prāṇāyāma (breath work), Chanting (Mantra), a system of Ethics and more.  Only with in the last 1000 years do we see mention of Āsana (physical Yoga) as a path of Yoga mentioned.  

In our practice we teach from a perspective of offering the full spectrum of what Yoga traditionally is.  We also interweave modern innovations in Yoga like trauma informed Yoga, Poly Vagal Theory, and Accessible Yoga. 

We feel it is important to honor Yoga’s roots in India and do our best to teach Yoga in a way that respects this ancient knowledge.  Quieting the mind to find a sense of inner peace is at the core of what Yoga provides for us. 

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and exploring the depths of what Yoga is and how it can help us thrive in our now.  We offer gratitude to the traditional and indigenous practitioners of the Yogic lineage that have come before us.