Mindful Flow Class: Letting your body make decisions instead of your brain

My class framework for Mindful Movement Flow on Saturday, Sept 3 at Spirit Path.

Class Theme

Practice listening to the body and letting it guide your decision making.

Why this theme?

Our body constantly communicates information to us. Physical sensations like pain, fatigue, butterflies, vulnerability or expansiveness, once consciously recognized, can inform our actions. With this awareness, we can then make decisions that take us closer to our desired outcome.

How is this theme embedded in the class?

  • Identifying at the beginning of class if you’re seeking intensity or rest, energy or groundedness. Then continually coming back to this intention.
  • Hearing the teacher’s words then interpreting them intuitively.

Key Class Postures

The placement of the arms and gaze are the primary regulators of these poses.

Sama vritti (equal breath): Begin by tuning into the body and emotions. Notice the breath. Notice the sound of the breath. Inhale to a count of 6, exhale to a count of 6. Notice if you need to adjust the count to better fit your current state. Explore if slower, shallower breaths or deeper, fuller breaths are more appropriate.

Seated twist (Parivrtta Sukhasana): Sit in a comfortable cross legged position. For grounding, turn left as right hand comes to left knee/leg, left hand lays across your chest at heart center. For activation, arms lift overhead, torso turns left as right hand comes to left knee/leg and left hand reaches back. May use arms as levers to increase the twist.

Tree (vriksasana): For more grounding, keep hands at heart center, eyes low to the ground. Perhaps foot stays with toes on ground and eyes closed. For greater expansion, arms extend overhead, eyes look up as balance permits.