Portrait Study: Searching for a personal language

Searching for your identity is not just a teenage pursuit, expressed by defying hair colors and rebellious accessories. Once this acute stage has passed, we continue to mold ourselves via internal and external pressures, slowly smelting into the imperfect people that we are. Being an artist adds a special spice to this melange. Finding your own language to express your ideas can be a tough process – torturous, desperate, frustrated. As unique as each one of us.

I suppose there’s something of a romance to it. Like love, when you don’t have it, you feel that you’re missing out on a perfect world of self-realization and joining of souls, and maybe even the answer to your existence. The truth is that there’s a lot of hard work and suffering that come along with it.

Is being a consecrated artist any different? I wouldn’t know. I’m still in the romantic phase, searching for my artistic identity, free to experiment, succeed and fail without much consequence. Kurt Cobain seemed to think that this is the best stage of being an artist, and that it should be enjoyed because, eventually, it will pass.

My search for my own language goes on, resulting in this rather loose portrait study. The idea was to be completely free to experiment without thought as to the end result, which, I ended up rather liking. A mix of graffiti markers and acrylics.

And the search goes on…

Portrait Study

Portrait Study