Woman waking up

Cultivate emotional well-being with this easy morning habit

November 9, 2020

Emotional well-being arises from how you take care of yourself. This easy habit will help you to direct your emotions where you want them to go so that you feel more ease and focus in your day. It’s especially helpful…

Keystone habits have a ripple effect that creates big change in your life

Shift your life with just one habit

February 13, 2019

Keystone habits have a ripple effect that can create big change in your life. When was the last time you skipped brushing your teeth before you went to to bed? Or doing your morning meditation? Or taking a break from…

Habits for a New Year

3 tips to make your new habits a success

January 21, 2019

Hi friends, How’re your New Years resolutions coming along? With vigor and abandon? Slow and steady? Still haven’t got there yet?   Wherever you’re at, relax.   Take a deep breath.   And just be there.   ……..   …….…

The Basics of Routine

August 17, 2018

Are you feeling the summer crazies yet? I sure am. I feel like all the hectic activity of summer is still full force, while, the “return to school” vibe has caused my work load to massively multiply as my web…

Creating Rituals

Ayurveda: daily rituals for greater peace

March 5, 2018

Ayurveda is big on daily rituals for healing and self care. Repeating an action gently for an extended period of time allows that action to grow roots and bear desirable fruits. It’s through the slow, steady progress of ritual that…