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Not going after your dreams?

June 28, 2021

Going after your dreams sounds beautiful, in theory, but it can be a topic that inspires frustration and self-criticism in many of us. There’s often an idea that it should be easy or magical. That if you think positively enough,…

On the ledge - empowered decision making

How to make empowered decisions

March 1, 2021

Ahhhh, decisions…..Most of us spend waaaay too little time thinking about how we make decisions. Instead, we get caught up in hemming and hawing about what’s the right decision, weighing the pros and cons, calculating our budget and sitting on…

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Learn the Skill of a Self-Confident Mindset

September 7, 2020

Self-confidence is a skill – which means that you CAN learn it. Like jogging or playing the piano. And like learning anything new, when you follow a process consistently, you get results. In this blog post, I’m going to teach…

Why you have low self-confidence

August 31, 2020

Many of us point to our past as the source of our low self-confidence, saying things like: My parents didn’t give me enough attention I didn’t do well in school I wasn’t a popular kid, other students were mean to…

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3 surprising ways to more self-confidence

August 24, 2020

Self-confidence can come from surprising sources. As a life coach, Ayurvedic Health Counselor and yoga teacher, I’m gifted with the perspective of seeing how mental and emotional states interrelate with the body. In fact, unlike the typical western approach where…

Set up your life to create more self-confidence

August 17, 2020

Self-confidence doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Self-confidence is a result of how you live your life, externally and internally. So, if you feel held back by confidence issues or imposter syndrome or just know that you’re capable of more,…

Confidence coaching for introverts in 3 minutes

August 10, 2020

Would you say yes to having more self-confidence in just 3 minutes? You’re reading this so the answer must be – yes! Message received. Challenge accepted. Put your thinking cap on. Get ready for some rapid fire questions. And commit…

Heal Imposter Syndrome Guide

August 5, 2020

Welcome to this powerful guide to help you heal imposter syndrome and build your self-confidence. If you’re not sure what the imposter syndrome (aka imposter complex) is or how it relates to confidence, you can read about it in the…

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Step 4: How to overcome imposter syndrome – Optimize your thoughts

August 3, 2020

If you’re tired of dealing with the imposter syndrome, you’re in the right place! This series is all about healing it so that you can get on with living your life to the fullest. If you’re not sure if imposter…

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Top 6 signs you suffer from imposter syndrome

July 6, 2020

Imposter syndrome & self-confidence go hand-in-hand  One is the chronic negative belief that you’re never enough, while the other is the steadfast belief that you’re capable even when challenged. These two beliefs exist on opposite ends of a spectrum.  This…