Why I love going to Brazil

It’s October and I’m in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m looking out from the 15th floor, across the tree tops toward an endless sprawl of high rises, surrounded by sounds of parakeets, motorcycles, trucks, a soccer game and the constant murmur of conversation.

I find the mix of tropical beauty and urban life to be a huge relief. There’s an unnamed tension to American life that you only notice once it disappears. Once I arrive, it doesn’t take long to feel the saturation of consumer goods diminish. Then several layers of personal shielding fall away and I find myself connecting with people in a more relaxed, nurturing way.

There’s definitely a lightness in the Brazilian spirit that is healing.

Being in a culture with different values also helps me to realign my own values. Instead of being obsessed with work and doing everything right, my priorities shift to connection, letting go and having fun.

What does this look like? Well, today I slept in,bhad lunch with family, did some work, hung out with friends and, soon, I’ll lake a nap before going out to hear some great house music.

Life is good.